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The Top 5 Highest Grossing Young Adult Book Series of the Millennium

When it comes to books, nothing quite tops the popularity of the Young Adult genre (YA). Entering the millennium was arguably the start of the golden era for YA, with some of the highest sold books on record had come from this timespan, and sales would increase by twofold in the following decade.

So with such an immense audience craving a tale surrounding the adolescent’s allure of chasing adulthood, the market can undoubtedly turn saturated. Yet, here are the books that captured the hearts, minds and wallets of many that will go down in literary history.

1 – Harry Potter (500 Million Sales Est.)

While the series started out as a story aimed at middle-grade kids, it transcended into a young adult series the older the protagonists had become, taking on adult responsibilities, exploring romances, it was even more heart-warming to witness their transformation over the years and clearly many others agree based on the sales.

Not only is the Harry Potter series the highest-grossing in the YA genre, but out of every genre. Amassing this many sales has never been seen before, but even with these sales combined into one series, it still doesn’t hold up to the number of sales The Bible has estimated to have made, which is a whopping 5 billion copies for one book!

2 – Twilight (120 Million Sales Est.)

The series that made us rethink what a vampire and werewolf could be like. Full of angst, the story was widely popular amongst teen girls whose hearts throbbed over the sparkly protagonists and their awkward love stories.

While being controversial for the low ratings received by literary critics, it didn’t stop hordes of teens from rushing into bookstores to buy the books. Neither did it stop Summit Pictures from adapting the books into a movie series that made a total revenue of $3.346 billion USD!

3 – The Hunger Games (100 Million Sales Est.)

Another book series that was popular enough to be adapted into a movie franchise. The Hunger Games was one of the first stories to introduce the battle royale plot concept that gets widely used in video games and other entertainment today, such as the Netflix tv series Squid Game. The plot concept is about having contestants thrown into some form of arena and be the last to survive.

The series was commended for exploring themes around oppression and justice that were made palpable for a teen audience.

4 – The Shadowhunter Chronicles (50 Million Sales Est.)

Created by the author Cassandra Clare, this series also revolves around monsters such as werewolves, vampires, warlocks, faeries and a race of demons erased from history. The stories typically revolve around protagonists of young women who go on a journey in this fantasy world and learn about the practices of Shadowhunters.

5 – The Inheritance Cycle (33.5 Million Sales Est.)

This series comprises four books in total, two of which earned the titles of New York Times bestsellers. The novels focus on a teen boy called Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, who team up to overthrow the villainous king in this high fantasy world.

The world is full of fictional creatures and languages that tap into readers’ imaginations and have them stand by in support of the two taking on a great responsibility that puts their maturity to the test.

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