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Why Naturopathic and Alternative Medicine Has Seen a Large Spike in the Last Two Years

It’s without question society is greatly dependent on mainstream medicine seeing as the pharmaceutical industry had a total revenue of $1.7 trillion USD worldwide in 2020.

The COVID-19 Pandemic drastically accelerated revenue for the sheer amount of infection rates and vaccine mandates globally.

Yet, the Pandemic has also had the opposite effect. It has opened many people’s eyes to the issues with mainstream medicine reliance with a clear theme to wrap their arguments around—that the pharmaceutical industry offers short-term solutions to a long-term problem.

Immunity Building

There is a systemic issue revolving consumption and lifestyle, where more people are working in offices, driving cars, and in return, getting less exercise. Unhealthy diets are becoming the norm with more un-nutritious food flooding our social media and local businesses.

It’s no wonder why we are seeing a rise in autoimmune diseases and the pharmaceutical industry are evidently not slowing this problem down. Then we have the systemic issue of being dependent on globalism.

What’s the problem with globalism in this instance? Well, when the COVID-19 virus was created ‘out of unethical practise by people’, it spread all over the globe in a matter of a year, and it continues to spread and create variants because humans keep travelling all over the world for trade, tourism and work. Our governments and billion-dollar industries would rather not create projects, products and services that make humans greatly more self-sufficient for the modern age.

So in the past two years, we have had a deadly cocktail of unethical practices that create viruses, peoples immune systems getting weaker and pharmaceuticals unable to solve these problems.

Individuals with weak immune systems have to worry about what vaccine they might need to take next to protect themselves from the next COVID-19 variant that will inevitably surface. It’s a constant fear knowing you’re constantly at high risk, and naturopathic and alternative medicine present a solution by targeting on strengthening your health and immune system—the long-term solution.

Less Side-effects

The holistic route is about introducing medicine that is less chemically evasive than pharmaceuticals, that utilize many plant-based products and usually combined with lifestyle changes that introduce methods such as yoga, forest bathing and spas, etc. So it’s more hands-on than just ‘popping a pill and feeling better’, but it trains a healthier outlook on life that undoubtedly will improve your immune system and make you better at dealing with future medical problems instead of just fixing a current one.

Pharmaceutical drugs are also synonymous with their long laundry list of side effects that take a toll on the body and mind in the long run—also harboring the power of getting you hooked onto them through a chemical addiction, leading many to turn to a life of drug abuse.

With holistic practices, you’re bringing more peace and security in your life the longer you stick with it, which has great implications for your mental health for the newly gained stability.


 The pharmaceutical industry is dominated by a monopoly of corporate powers who have access to top-class facilities, factories and professionals. The production of holistic medicine is much more of a grassroots space, where medicines are not mass-produced but created in homes with ingredients picked fresh locally.

It’s the small businesses that distribute naturopathic and alternative medicines, whether found locally or on e-commerce websites such as Etsy. By purchasing from them, you empower people worldwide, including third world countries that can now use the internet to sell their locally sourced products globally.

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