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Why Prison Reform Is the Only Way for True Justice for All

A human rights argument is at the center of the conversation to promote prison reform. That's the basis on which many UN norms and standards have been formed. However, this rationale is frequently insufficient to inspire jail reform programs in countries with limited human and financial resources. 

When assessing the need for prison reforms, it is also necessary to evaluate the adverse effects of imprisonment on individuals, families, communities, and economic concerns. So, without further ado, let’s jump in! 

Public Health Consequences of Imprisonment 

Prisons have tremendous health consequences. Prisoners are more likely to have pre-existing health problems when they enter jail because they are primarily from low-income, socioeconomically disadvantaged communities with limited access to health care. 

Their health deteriorates in overcrowded prisons, where nourishment is poor, sanitation is inadequate, and fresh air and exercise are sometimes unavailable. Prisons are like reservoirs for diseases.  

Human Rights Considerations 

A sentence to prison is only a loss of one's fundamental right to liberty. It does not imply any restrictions on other human rights, except for those inherently constrained by being in prison. 

To ensure that this concept is honored, inmates' human rights are preserved, and their chances for social reintegration are improved, prison reform is required in accordance with relevant international standards and norms.

Completely Slighted Towards Racial Minorities 

When we look at criminal history and arrest offense, it explains the vast raw racial discrepancy in most federal arrests. If we track federal cases from arrest to sentencing, a considerable gap remains. Black people, among other racial minorities, receive sentences nearly 10% longer than whites apprehended for identical crimes. 

Detrimental Impact on the Society

Social cohesiveness is dependent on long-term ties. But due to imprisonment, this social cohesion and relationships are interrupted. When a family member is imprisoned, the family structure is disrupted, affecting connections between spouses, parents and children. It alters the family and community structure across generations. It has such a profound social impact on families and communities.

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