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An Impactful Interview with Queen Dr. Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi

According to Dr. Krystal, establishing all of her brands(Kids Multicultural World LLC, America Nation Multicultural World inc., Africa Multicultural World Foundation and Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant) are her greatest accomplishments! Being alive and being able to govern and influence global cultural movements by establishing and leading America Kids Multicultural World organization on a yearly bases with 571 + kids per year is a big achievement for her. Dr. Krystal has continuously empowered & assisted multiple underprivileged societies both in the USA and Africa through her nonprofit organizations.


A few of many awards she has received both internationally and within the United States are as follows:  


• 2022 Outstanding Cultural Ambassador of the Year 

•2020 Young Female Diaspora Personality of the Year 

•Ambassador of Nigerian Youths in Diaspora by Youth Coalition of Nigeria 2020 to presently.

• World Class Beauty Queen Award & Cover Girl 2022 

•Doctor in Philanthropy and Humanitarianism Change Maker 2021 


Who or what motivates or inspires you to do the work you do? 

The love for culture and global unity is what motivates me the most. My ambassadors in Miss & Mr. America Nation inspires me and my platform that focuses on “Uniting a diverse Nation.” When I look into the faces of hopeful Kids and families seeking a better life for themselves and their Children, I see the need to empower and motivate their minds to be winners, to never give up and to stay focused. 

In a world full of discrimination, hate crimes, bullying and so many tragedies, a world were youths lose their lives to senseless crimes and even when we see people on the streets being homeless or not having enough to put a roof over their head, that motivates me to provide more programs and resources for the underprivileged communities and kids. America Nation Multicultural World and Africa Multicultural World tries the best we can to assist in any way possible.

What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting?

Events that I and & my team are working on include: 

  • Chicago Kids Multicultural Fashion Festival June 24 , 2023 (Tinley Park Convention Center ).
  • Las Vegas Kids Multicultural Fashion festival (October 31, 2023)
  • Texas Kids Multicultural Fashion Festival ( May 2023)
  • Kids Multicultural World Magazine which is produced on a monthly basis focusing on empowering the next generation, it displays Modeling , Fashion , Cultural and ending bullying empowerment articles and activism news and activities.
  •  Fundraiser for the underprivileged communities (Feed the hungry outreach by America Nation Multicultural World inc). 
  • 12 courses focused on kids empowerment held twice a month for 12 months.
  • Kids Multicultural World Fashion Festival is an event that promotes Multiculturalism, Global peace & Unity through Culture, Display of Art,  and leadership empowerment. This event unites people from different global cultures through workshops , sharing  business ideas and global activism. This festival provides educational sessions where people experience and see the diverse traditional heritages of global cultures. During the event there will be displays of cultural runway, global presentations by world leaders, good intercontinental music and performers.

What is your team’s ultimate goal in your work? 

Dr. Krystal’s ultimate goal in her career and for her organizations is to empower and to unite diverse nations of cultures globally. She wants to use her organizations to provide resources for the underprivileged communities worldwide and to provide more programs that will aid the next generation of kids to become leaders and global activists.  According to Dr. Krystal, she aspires to be seen as a change maker who wants a more inclusive and just world. Through her career, she wants to interpret culture through fashion and to inspire the younger generation to break generational curses. 

In December 2022, Dr. Krystal and the entire America Nation team raised funds and conducted charity outreach in various States in the USA including:

Chicago,IL - free toys giveaway for kids

Texas & New Mexico - food drive and gift distributions

Las Vegas Nevada - feeding the homeless outreach 

Two linternational locations giving free meals and groceries all through the holiday season. 

The reason why this was mentioned is because her life goals revolve around humanitarian works. Assisting over 789 individuals was a fulfilling ultimate goal accomplished by her entire ambassadors.

Why should our readers support you and your brand? 

Our brand has created and enhanced thousands of people’s platforms and businesses, continually setting up young kids for success. We mentor moms and their kids to be activists and role models through pageantry, community service and MBM programs. 

Currently, Dr. Krystal has 45 ambassadors aged 10 months to 70 years old for Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant working toward a better mankind. She has structured all her brands to trust kids and adults to their divine interest, career and advancement into modeling , acting and leadership positions.  

Anything else you want to include?

America Nation Multicultural World inc currently have a 6 months program where we offer leadership, business, cultural and ethnic classes and  sections for kids and adults. Our sections are mostly held on zoom, due to the covid our in-person classes are limited, it's offered a few times a month.

This project is called MBM ; Model ,Business & Mentorship. It is a free 6 months scholarship program for the youth. We bring in professionals to educate about business building, talent development , community activism etc. With the help of mentors, we also build on vision boards which cover various aspects of modelinglike comp cards, portfolio building, getting work permits for kids/youths, family structures classes for parents, investments for kids classes and how to get jobs etc. We welcome investors and sponsors as this program is coordinated through our nonprofit organization. We need more funding to keep and provide more resources for this program and to secure the next level for our children and youths!

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