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The Top Pageant Queens of 2022 and 2023

Based on submissions, these women were selected as The World Times Top Pageant Queens of 2022 and 2023 highlighting their platform, impact and reach in their service.

Ms. International World Petite 2022

Dr. Maithili's achievements include modeling as the brand ambassador for Tvanisi Jewels, a real gold and diamond jewelry brand based in Mumbai. She was also invited as a chief judge at the finale of The International Glamour Project's (TIGP's) Miss, Mrs and Teen India beauty pageants and will be featured in a web series by TIGP productions.

As the winner of the Ms International World Petite 2022 title, Dr. Maithili was invited to attend the '100 Successful Women in Business' conference as well as the Asian Expo held in Miami, USA. She has also made a mark in the fashion industry, walking in various shows for designers in Canada. She has been featured in many magazines, including Stylecruze USA and various bridal publications. Dr. Maithili continues to strive for success and lives by the motto “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Camila was born in Santiago, Chile, and migrated to the United States with her parents when she was 11 years old. She attended Florida Atlantic University and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. Not long after, she realized she wanted to go into Real Estate and became a successful Realtor in South Florida. Camila has a love for music and a passion for singing. As much as she loves music, she also loves to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. 

She is highly involved with her community and feels her life mission help others become a better version of themselves. She led small groups of young adults to mentor them, guide them, share wisdom with them, and go on mission trips as a leader. In 2022 she became an advocate for the Tim Tebow Foundation against sex trafficking. She also continues helping women and men to be the best version of themselves, she has written several articles for a women's website,, and men's website King at Heart which speaks about inner healing and spiritual growth. Camila's future plans are to continue helping others with inner peace and spiritual healing.

Julie Pagnis is a woman of many talents who believes women can have it all. She is from Mumbai, the city of dreams. She is a former flight attendant now pursuing a career in acting and modelling. Her mother is her biggest source of inspiration and her hard-work and dedication towards her life is what I aspire to be like. She  volunteers at the Robinhood Army, an NGO that aims to empower street children with basic education to help them build a qualitative life. Apart from that, she works with restaurants to redistribute surplus food to the hungry. She strongly believes that inspiring young individuals to work hard on their dreams will make a change in the world. She has also been featured  in an advertising campaign for the Indian Premier League sponsored by Jio and in the Marathi film ‘Phulrani’.

Dr. Raquel LaCour-Marsh is currently the reigning Queen for Mrs. USA America Nation 2023, and she was the former Mrs. Illinois America Nation 2022. Dr.Queen Raquel is an advocate with The Bed Rock Movement, helping the homeless and concentrating more in tent city while providing counseling and bus passes. Dr. Queen Raquel is also an ordained minister. She is a mother, wife, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Raquel earned her degree in broadcast journalism at Columbia College. She was formerly a radio personality for Hits USA radio. Currently, she is the media representative and journalist with Africa USA today magazine, and editor in chief for Glamour USA today magazine. 

She loves to travel and spend time with her two beautiful daughters, whom she calls her pride and joy. Her oldest Megan is in nursing school, and the youngest daughter Maysen is in law school. She has actively gave back to her by volunteering her time in political campaigns and has held a gun rally to stop the gun violence. In addition she has helped several non for profits. Dr. Queen Raquel is working on a few projects now and plans to open her own non for profit very soon.

Miss Black USA 2022

Tahira Gilyard was crowned Miss Black USA 2022.  She is of biracial origins of African American and Cherokee Indian which is the foundation of her advocacy for dignity in diversity.  Gilyard is currently attending Fordham University School of Law.  Upon graduation she wants to become a criminal attorney. She is an avid dancer who has danced throughout the United States and Puerto Rico . 

Miss Black America 2022

Gabrielle Wilson was crowned Miss Black America 2022.  Before becoming Miss Black America, Wilson held several prestigious positions such as student assistant to the Office of President at Loyola Marymount University as well as interning for the Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles.  

Wilson is also a Clinton Global Initiative University Fellow  where she started her initiative "Code With Gab," an educational platform  that aids students in their pursuit of technical and professional skills for jobs in the tech field.  Wilson enjoys working as a teacher for Vacation Bible school and volunteering for the Make A Wish foundation. Gabrielle's initiatives have gained international recognition in tech as she was awarded the Clinton Foundation's Code For Impact Winner. Gabrielle is currently studying Data Analytics with an emphasis in Computer Science at Mission College. 

Miss Earth 2022

Mina Sue Choi was crowned Miss Earth 2022, Choi is the first person from South Korea to hold this prestigious title.  Choi was born in Sydney and traveled the world living in places such as Canada, South Korea, and the United States.  While in the United State Choi attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she majored in Communication Studies.  In her role as Miss Earth 2022 Choi advocates for the reduction of carbon footprints through sustainable mobility. In 2022 Choi began an acting career by appearing on television in a role with Battle for Tenancy:Penthouse.  

Miss Trans Global 2022 

Natasha Cardoso was crowned Miss Trans Global through a digital platform in 2022. Cardoso is a native of Brazil.  In her professional life as a nurse and LGBT health coordinator.  She also enjoys the privilege of working with the City council of Rio Grande Municipal, where she specializes in family health and emergency.    

Miss Supranational 2022

Lalela Mswane of South Africa was crowned Miss Supranational 2022.  Mswane is the daughter of a former Eswatini diplomat and minister. Mswane's educational path includes graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Pretoria She speaks three languages including Zulu, French, and English.  Mswame is also a model signed with Alushi Models. In addition she has established several nonprofit organizations such as Lalela Mswane Foundation and #BeReady as well as an online clothing company with PositiviTees. 

Miss International 2022 

Jasmine Selberg of Germany was crowned Miss International 2022.  Selberg is the first German to hold the title since 1989. Selberg is working on a degree history and philosophy with a focus on genocide research. She speaks four languages which includes English, German, Estonian, and Korean.  This skill is the basis of her being a translator in professional career. Selberg is an animal lover with pets that include cats, rats, and horses. 

Miss Universe 2022

R'Bonney Gabriel was crowned Miss Universe 2022 competing as the 2022 Miss USA.  She was the first Filipino American and the oldest participant to hold the Miss USA title.  Gabriel's educational endeavors include graduating from the University of Texas, her home state, with a Bachelor degree in Fashion design.  She now works as a designer specializing in eco-friendly clothing while working as a sewing instructor at a non-profit organization.

Miss World 2022 

Karolina Bielawska was crowned Miss World 2022.  Bielawska is only the second title holder from Poland.  Biewlawska has a Bachelor’s degree in management and is pursuing a Master’s degree. Since winning the title, Bielawska enjoys traveling the world as a motivational speaker, model, and volunteering with the homeless across the world. Her goal is to become a television personality who is able to influence lives all over the world.  

Miss USA 2022  

Morgan Romano of North Carolina, was crowned Miss USA 2022 on January 27, 2023 in a crowning ceremony in Auburn, Alabama. This came after her predecessor was crowned Miss Universe 2022.  In 2020 Romano graduated with a degree in Chemical engineering from University of South Carolina.  After Which she began a career as an application engineer. Romano continues to work in the area of her passion which is STEM education for young girls.  Through her outreach initiative, “Outside the Box”,  Ramona  provides science kits to classrooms, libraries, and hospitals.  

Miss America 2022

Emma Leigh Broyles was crowned Miss America 2022. This marked the first time a contestant from Alaska was crowned.  Broyles is also one of the first pageant queens to share her personal struggles with ADHD and dermatillomania. Broyles’ educational path includes Arizona State University's Barrett, The Honors College where she is currently enrolled studying Biomedical Sciences  along with voice performance. She later plans to attend medical school and pursue a career as a dermatologist.

Miss America 2023

Grace Stanke uses her national platform to continue advocating for Clean Energy, Cleaner Future. She believes that America needs to convert to zero-carbon energy sources and her social impact focuses on breaking down misconceptions surrounding nuclear power. Stanke is in her senior year at University of Wisconsin – Madison studying nuclear engineering. She is also a classical violinist.

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