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Simone Biles is Now the Most Decorated Gymnast in the History of the Gymnastics World Championships


Simone Biles has etched her name in golden letters by becoming the most decorated gymnast in the history of the Gymnastics World Championships. Her recent triumph in the individual all-around title marked her sixth win, besting the defending champion, Rebeca Andrade of Brazil. 

This victory brings her medal tally to a staggering 34, inclusive of both the world championship and Olympics, as reported by USA Gymnastics.

Unstoppable U.S. Women's Team

Earlier in the week, Biles played a pivotal role in leading the U.S. women's team to their seventh consecutive team title at the world championship held in Antwerp. This impressive achievement has been consistent since 2011, with the U.S. women clinching gold at every world championship. 

With this, Biles surpassed Soviet Union’s Larisa Latynina to become the most decorated female gymnast. Friday’s win further ensured she overtook retired gymnast Vitaly Scherbo in the records.

Trailblazing Techniques

The championship saw Biles kicking things off with a bang. She executed one of the sport's most formidable vaults, the Yurchenko double pike. With the highest difficulty score of 6.4 in its category, this vault will be internationally recognized as Biles II, a testament to her successful completion in the competition, according to Team USA.

The Contest Highlights

The competition was intense with Biles, Jones, and Andrade initiating their routines with the vault. Biles, donning her signature blue leotard, chose the Cheng vault, delivering an almost flawless performance and securing 15.100 points. 

In contrast, Andrade’s Cheng vault earned her 14.700. However, despite the uneven bars being Biles' traditionally weaker apparatus, she managed to stay ahead with a score of 14.333. A captivating performance on the bars by Andrade narrowed the gap to a mere 0.233 points as the competition transitioned to the balance beam.

Beam and Floor Finale

Biles, although starting shakily on the balance beam, managed to pull through with a commendable routine. An excellent display by Jones earned her the second position, leading to a heartfelt embrace between her and Biles. Andrade's performance on the floor was mostly impeccable, barring a small misstep which cost her a minor penalty but retained her silver medal position.

History Echoes

In a reminiscent moment, Biles secured her 8th U.S. gymnastics title, marking a decade since her first.

Triumphant Return

Post her Tokyo Olympics participation, Biles took a near two-year hiatus, making her comeback this August. During her time away, she celebrated personal milestones, including her marriage to Green Bay Packers' Jonathan Owens. 

Additionally, she was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, becoming its youngest recipient ever. An emotional video posted by Biles on X (formerly known as Twitter) captures her tearing up as the Star-Spangled Banner plays, marking a touching moment in her journey.

Looking Ahead

Biles' championship endeavors are far from over. She's slated to participate in the women's vault and uneven bars finals on Saturday, with the balance beam and floor exercise finals awaiting on Sunday.

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