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The Keys To Happiness For Most People

Different individuals have different feelings on what makes people happy. Some would say it's getting a raise. Others would say it’s having a marvelous and meaningful life. While everyone has their own personal idea of utopia, the four universal matters below apply to majority of humanity for the foundations of true happiness.

1. Family and Friends 

Having valued relationships with loved ones is a major factor socially and emotionally for feeling satisfied in life. The support of these individuals no doubt is something you appreciate. Having individuals around you that you trust, cherish and care for makes you feel that you’re loved and gives you a sense of community. 

2. Giving Back 

Assisting others, whether in small or big ways, can lift a person’s spirit like nothing else. Doing something for nothing may be completely opposite of what you've been taught, but acts of generosity and selflessness always leave you with a warm feeling. Whether that be volunteering at the local soup kitchen a couple days a month or writing sizable checks for donations to national charities, paying it forward is good for the soul. Also, if you believe in karma, you know that consciously making a difference in other's lives has a way of returning to you. 

3. Meaningful Work 

A job with a very high salary is statistically proven to be less important in calculating job satisfaction for the majority of workers when weighed against having a passion for their jobs. While not everyone has the luxury of being able to forfeit the position that pays their bills to pursue underwater basket weaving, having a job that you at least are content with is a large pillar to having sound mental health and manageable stress levels. 

4. Freedom To Be Your Authentic Self

The feeling of being unrestrained and able to walk in true liberty is unmatched and an experience that all people should get. Whether it’s being able to convey yourself creatively through your personal style or art or being able to live your truth in your sexuality, religion, or race, freedom to be authentically you without undue judgement and discrimination should be a human right. Without this, true happiness and high quality of life is extremely hard to achieve.

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