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Things Most People Should Seek In A New Role


The Great Resignation movement is in FULL EFFECT with never before seen rates of people quitting their jobs and in search for something more fulfilling. With people starting new businesses at an incredible rate and longtime workers walking away from their jobs after years, some even decades, it leaves people to wonder why. Well, the simple answer if that they aren't truly happy. Is this you? Are you looking to shift gears in your career? Well, researchers claim that there are about four key elements to any role that determine if the average person will be able to enjoy it long term.


Flexibility was listed by thousands of social media commentators as one of the top concerns in taking on a new role throughout 2021. Gone are the days of punching a clock from 8 to 5 on site at your job Monday through Friday. Many companies have recognized this and offer flex days or hybrid work models where employees can work remotely part time and on site part time! Some companies even allow 100% remote work without even owning a physical office space, conducting meetings through video chat platforms. While that's not possible for every industry such as manufacturing, healthcare services or hospitality, having a measurable PTO policy to compensate for that is key so that when you need a break, you can get it!


The ability to advance is another thing that you will want to look for in a new job.  If you regularly find yourself setting goals that you would like to achieve, such as higher pay or a position in management, you may will want to work for a company where you have the opportunity to advance. You will want to look for those that advertise that they like to promote from within. In fact, desire for advancement is something that potential employers like to hear, so be sure to mention it in your job interviews!


Fair pay is something else that you should look for in a new job.  While it's true that money can't always buy happiness, the lack thereof can certain create the opposite effect. If it's one thing the pandemic taught us, it's that financial stability and making enough to live comfortable and save is crucial. Before you search for a new job, you may want to create a budget for yourself and determine what that number looks like for you and your household.


After Covid-19, the entire world has seen how importance having access to quality healthcare is. So, don't let this be something you ignore when reviewing new work opportunities! "Adequate" coverage is subjective to the household, but in general you'll want to seek reasonable premiums and deductibles with a network of providers that covers all of your needs. 

Best of luck in finding that new position that helps you feel like you are working in your purpose and making a difference in your community. Whether you're a doctor saving lives, a teacher molding the minds of the future generation or a chef providing a five star dining experience to the locals, the most important factor to consider when choosing a career is YOUR HAPPINESS. 

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