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What The Johnny Depp Trial Teaches Us About Domestic Abuse

This trial has brought a lot to the light. More specifically, freedom of speech and domestic abuse have become this defamation trial's focus. Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard are now the topic of discussion in most avenues, and with good reason. 

So, today, we will take a look at some of the lessons we took from the domestic abuse trial of the century. 

1. Remember Who You're Fighting

One of the biggest challenges that Depp is facing is understanding who he's facing. Anyone new to this claim will easily be forgiven for thinking this is a case between Depp and his ex-wife. The truth is this case is between Depp and NGN (News Group Newspapers). 

Depp is complaining about the articles published on Sun by NGN and not Amber. True, Amber was a key witness and provided evidence to support the articles. 

2. Take Care of Yourself

When you find yourself in a compromising abusive relationship, always take care of yourself. The first step to stress management is looking after your mind and body. That means taking time to stretch, exercising, eating clean food, and meditating. More importantly, box breathing is an incredible way to deal with stress.

3. Domestic Abuse Can Happen to Anyone

Who would've thought the turn of events could lead to Johnny confessing that he was being abused and not the other way around? As much as Johnny was branded as an abusive person for years, we never thought in any way that he was the victim. 

Even worse, he's been quoted several times in different interviews trying to confess that he's not okay, and everyone thought it was his regular jokes. On the other hand, Amber also seems entirely innocent, and half of the things Johnny confesses that she did in court seem untrue. That's precisely what caught the attention of the world. The Aquaman actress appears to have it all figured out but apparently has been dealing with mental issues for a while.

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