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Free USA Mental Health Resources and Support Services


One of the many advantages of being in the United States is the growing number of

facilities dedicated to supporting people with mental illnesses and offering the

necessary services in order to diagnose people who feel that they may be prone to

symptoms of mental illnesses — providing them with the appropriate resources in

order to help them out.

From providing expert-level help to offering an active hotline that individuals

suffering from mental health problems can easily dial in with the press of a button,

there are several options available in the country now that would provide the

appropriate level of support when it comes to addressing concerns related to

mental health. Here are several organizations that are dedicated to the cause.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI for short, has partners in all 50

states of America. Some services offered by NAMI include support services,

information on mental illness, and education programs that are accessible to not

only people with mental illnesses but also courses designed for family members

and friends of affected people. Namely, services such as NAMI Walks which takes

charge of events promoting mental health awareness, and the NAMI Connection

Recovery Support Group.

The Jed Foundation

The Jed Foundation offers mental health resources primarily catered towards

younger demographics such as college students and teenagers in general.

However, The Jed Foundation’s free mental health support services via telephone

are accessible to everyone. By texting HOME to 741-741, you or someone you know

can be connected with an expert at any time of the day for a confidential


The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization in the United States that primarily

focuses on preventing suicide cases in communities such as the LGBT youth. One of

the most significant programs that The Trevor Project has come up with is The

Trevor Lifeline.

With no hidden charges, The Trevor Lifeline is a dedicated landline mental health

support service by the organization which confidentially connects people in need of

consultation with various experts in the field.

Additionally, education programs are also offered to parents, guardians, and

educators themselves in order to spread awareness on the proper approach

toward mental health wellness.

By Neil Gregorio

Neil Gregorio is a graduating university student who writes as a hobby; when he is away

from the keyboard, he spends his time watching Japanese animated shows and jamming

out to his favorite rock music.



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