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Queen Elizabeth’s Death Caused Mixed Reactions From Social Media


Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen of England in 1952. She was the longest-reigning British

monarch and the second-longest reigning monarch of a sovereign country. She was also the

richest monarch in the world, with over $500 million of assets under her name.

But her reign soon came to an end when she died in September of 2022. Many people mourned

her loss, and for the longest time, many thought that it would be impossible for the Queen to

finally meet her eternal resting place. Her death was a blow to nations far and wide.

The Controversy

While it may seem like everyone is grieving the death of the Queen, this isn’t actually the case.

The Queen’s rule was a very controversial one. She was responsible for the colonization of

many nations and also took part in Black slavery. She was not a Queen everyone admired.

While she laid low for the last couple of years of her life, she was very involved in these

activities during the beginning years of her rule. She was often seen photographed in public with

Black slaves. She was also a colonizer who hid her act in the pretense of making nations better.

The Response

Keeping all this in mind, it is safe to say that not everyone is mourning the death of the Queen.

In fact, Black people have come out stating that while they wish her peace since she was a

human being and a grandmother, this does not mean that they will be grieving her death.

To people who were colonized, the Queen was a mythical figure. She was someone they looked

up to for saving them. However, the Queen was only benefitting off of the assets in these third-

world nations and sucked them dry when she finally left them to fend for themselves.

The Legacy

The death of the Queen now questions the legacy of the British monarchy. Is there even a

legacy that needs to be remembered and cherished? Or is their legacy built on the demise of

former colonies and White supremacy? Social media is questioning the British rule today.

Now that a colonizer has died, former colonies are reaching out to the monarchy to return the

crown jewels that have been stolen from their homelands. The British have tied their name to

several assets that don’t even belong to them, and people are now demanding them back.

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