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Marilyn Monroe Biopic “Blonde” Gets Mixed Reviews From Fans And Viewers


Netflix released “Blonde,” a biopic of legendary American actress Marilyn Monroe in the last
week of September. It was a long-awaited movie after the release of the trailer and
overwhelming response to its premiere at the Venice Film Festival earlier in September. The
biopic was able to receive a 14-minute standing ovation during the premiere, and home
viewers were looking forward to it. 

As soon as the movie was released on 28th September, it jumped to the top spot and became
the most-watched movie on Netflix. But the actual reviews of the biopic by fans, viewers, and
critics are not one-sided. Most of them are divided on the depiction of sexual assault and
physical violence in the movie. Therefore, the film received mixed reviews despite being the
most-watched one. 

Andrew Dominik has directed the movie “Blonde,” the story is based on Joyce Carol Oates’s
novel written about Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas played the character of Monroe in the
movie, and we can’t deny how well she played the character. However, the fictional portrayal
of Hollywood Monroe has been criticized by many. 
Negative Reviews
The movie has also received an NC-17 rating in the US. It is equivalent to an 18-rating in the
UK, which is very rare for a Netflix movie. And it is believed that sexual assault and physical
violence, specifically the abortion scenes are relentlessly cruel to be filmed. Reviewers from
The Independent called the movie “dull trauma porn,” while I was seen as “jaw-droppingly
explicit” by GQ magazine. 

The home viewers have also expressed their concerns about the movie via Twitter. A review
by a Twitter user says, “It is exploitative, demeaning, and not an accurate representation of
the power and wit that was Marilyn Monroe.”
Yet another reviewer has expressed his rage on sexual assault by saying, “Why would the
film #Blonde fabricate a graphic rape of #MarilynMonroe by #JFK?”

Positive Reviews
On the other hand, many movie critics, reviewers, and fans have extremely positive reviews
about production. The media outlets like Vulture have called the biopic “beautiful,
mesmerizing, and, at times, deeply moving.”

An internet viewer has praised the movie: “I love it ... I thought it was beautifully shot. It was
raw and gritty and exposed how everyone around her horribly exploited Norma Jean
(Marilyn). I thought the camera perspectives were incredibly artful. The acting was fantastic.
She was used and abused and treated like meat. She was a very smart, artistic woman who
got used up by everyone around her. It is a dark moving portrayal of a life cut too short.”

The movie has a 2.4 stars rating based on 2637 reviews, 5.6/10 IMDb score, 42% from
Rotten Tomatoes, and 50% by Metacritic. However, the director has called the movie
“daringly true to darkness of Monroe’s own life” in an interview with the Vulture. 
In general, the production of the movie has been great. Ana de Armas has done a great job;
the camera angles have captured everything from Monroe’s perspective. The movie
successfully introduced a young girl’s feelings and how all the men in her life used the
Hollywood star. 

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