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The Paradox Of Men Hating Sexually Liberated Women But Idolizing Them

 The female body has constantly been objectified by men, regardless of social or cultural
setting. Although men find attractive women more desirable, they don’t like the openness of
women about their sexuality. This paradox of men hating sexually liberated women but
idolizing them as attractive mates has many underlying factors. 

Research proves that men find physically proportionate and “sexy” women as the ideal mate
than those with average looks or what we can call “Plain Janes.” A study suggests that
physical attractiveness is the most dominant factor in getting attracted to the opposite gender
by both men and women. 

But when it comes to who is more drawn to physical cues, men have a higher urge to choose
a mate based on physical features, attractiveness, and sexuality. Whether colleagues, friends,
mates, or random girl passing by, men get attracted to those who are “sexy,” apparently.
At the same time, when it comes to “sexy” women who are vocal about their sexuality, they
are believed to receive well-deserved hatred from men with phrases like ‘slut,’ ‘whore,’ ‘bad
girl,’ and ‘feminazi.’ Estella Welldon has well-described this attitude of men towards
objectification of women as ‘Mother, Madonna, [or] Whore.’

The attitude of men toward women based on their appearance, being vocal about their rights,
and how challenging they are to men is just disregarding the identity of women as human
beings. According to several studies, all women and girls are prone to sexist hate speech
online and offline. However, famous women are more likely to be bullied by misogynistic
comments from their male counterparts. 

Underlying Reasons For Hatred And Sexist Speech
  •  dominant patriarchal societal standards,
  • hypersexualized images,
  • the spread of degrading messages about women, and
  • norms of sexuality and roles for both genders. 
A report called “Combating Sexist Hate Speech” emphasizes that young women, public
figures like hip-hop singers, rappers, female politicians, and Instagram bloggers are specific
targets of sexual violence and hate speech in both offline and online settings. Many historical
events also reinforce the general attitude of misogynist men toward challenging,
unapproachable, yet sexy(attractive) women. 

Not long ago, Donald Trump, ex-President of the United States, was passing sexist comments
and hate speech against the women who challenged him one way or another. The prevalence
of sexual objectification in rap songs is very popular. 
We can’t call this hate anything more than the “misogyny” of sexist men toward women they
desire but can’t get. Otherwise, if men were so concerned about the sexuality and sensuality
of women, they won’t be idolizing them as “perfect mates.”

In A Nutshell
The contradiction in the attitude of men is that just because such women are unreachable,
they challenge men at their level and are not responsive to what men think or want of them.
However, this attitude needs to be addressed at different levels so that women have a free
space to live the way they want instead of trying to fit themselves into odd shapes patriarchal
societies have set for them. When you are a square trying to fit into a circle, you will have to
cut pieces of yourself which is always hurtful.

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