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Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Series Stirs Up Conversation Around Serial Killer Glorification and Victim Empathy


In this day and age, almost everyone is a fan of true crime. Everyone loves to know the
gruesome horror stories that happen in real life. This is exactly why this genre is popular on
Netflix and why Netflix continues to push out more true crime shows to boost their ratings.
However, just because everyone loves to watch these types of shows does not mean doing so
is the right idea. While this is the fastest-growing genre among the younger generation, it does
surface some ethical concerns about whether or not pushing out these shows is the best idea.

Ethical Concerns
These true crime Netflix shows have been portraying the killer in a glorified way. They are
romanticizing his story instead of raising awareness of the atrocities he has been committing his
entire life. Evan Peters played Jeffrey Dahmer, and his looks have swooned fans in the show.

Netflix Releases a Statement
On the other side, Netflix is claiming that their reasoning behind pushing forward so many true
crime shows is that they want to give the victims a voice. Netflix is under the impression that the
victims of Jeffrey Dahmer will finally be heard and remembered through this crime show.

POV of the Victims
However, the actual surviving victims and family members of the victims have not given Netflix
the reaction they wanted. They are now coming out to reveal that Netflix never contacted them
as to whether or not they are okay with being portrayed on the true crime documentary.
This brings into question whether these shows should really be allowed to run without the
consent of the victims. If Netflix would be making a documentary that includes the real-life
details of someone who is still living, it only makes sense for them to ask permission for it.

Stir the Conversation
This situation sparked a conversation online on the need for channels to produce true crime
content that continues to fetishize and romanticize the killers. These glorified portrayals may
lead to some serious consequences if someone decides to follow in their footsteps, expecting to
be romanticized as well. Netflix is aware of these consequences and has told viewers to stop
stanning the killers, yet they are not planning on stopping these releases any time soon.

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