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Morgan Debaun’s Inspirational Journey as a Black Female Tech Founder

 In the dynamic world of tech entrepreneurship, Morgan Debaun stands out not only for her innovative ventures but also for breaking barriers as a black female founder. Her journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of diversity in the tech industry.

Early Days and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Morgan's journey began with a spark of curiosity and a determination to make a difference. Growing up with a passion for technology, she navigated through a predominantly male-dominated field, driven by a desire to bridge the gap and amplify underrepresented voices. This early curiosity laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Founding Blavity: A Platform for Black Millennials

In 2014, Morgan co-founded Blavity, a media platform that has become a voice for black millennials. Fueled by a mission to tell authentic stories, Blavity quickly gained traction, offering a space for diverse perspectives and conversations often overlooked by mainstream media. Morgan's visionary approach to creating a platform for underrepresented voices in the digital space marked a significant step towards inclusivity.

Navigating Challenges and Breaking Stereotypes

As a black female founder, Morgan faced her fair share of challenges. The tech industry, notorious for its lack of diversity, presented hurdles that she tackled head-on. Rather than succumbing to stereotypes, Morgan used them as stepping stones, proving that passion, knowledge, and innovation know no gender or racial boundaries.

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The Power of Networking and Mentorship

Morgan Debaun's journey also emphasizes the importance of networking and mentorship. Recognizing the value of connections, she actively engaged with the tech community, sought mentors, and built a support network. This not only helped her navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship but also empowered her to become a mentor to aspiring founders, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds.

Scaling Up and Paving the Way for Others

Blavity's success paved the way for Morgan to become a leading figure in the tech industry. Her ability to adapt to market trends, coupled with a keen understanding of her audience, allowed Blavity to evolve into a multifaceted media company. Morgan's success serves as an inspiration for aspiring black female founders, illustrating that with tenacity and innovation, it's possible to break through barriers and make a lasting impact.

Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy

Beyond her role as a founder, Morgan Debaun has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion. She actively participates in initiatives aimed at promoting underrepresented groups in tech, recognizing that a diverse workforce fosters creativity and innovation. Her commitment to making the tech industry more inclusive is not only commendable but also essential for the industry's long-term success.


In the ever-evolving landscape of tech entrepreneurship, Morgan Debaun's journey stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Her resilience, commitment to diversity, and innovative spirit have not only shaped Blavity into a successful venture but have also opened doors for others to follow. As a black female tech founder, Morgan continues to break barriers, reminding us that the future of tech is brighter when it embraces the richness of diverse voices.

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